Friday, May 19, 2017

'Other' Utah Monsters (and Not the Bear Lake Monster or Bigfoot) ...

                 Looking north, toward Eden, from the saddle above Snow Basin.

By Lynn Arave

Tales of the Bear Lake Monster and even periodic sightings of Bigfoot dominate the monster scene in Utah. However, the Beehive State has also had reports over the decades of OTHER monsters.

Here are some of these other beasts:

-Flying serpent terrifies early Ogden Valley residents:  “A veritable Eden. The serpent is at his old tricks again” was a July 23, 1894 report in the Ogden Standard-Examiner.
This was from the Eden of Weber County, in Ogden Valley. On the previous Friday evening about sundown, “a number of Eden’s reliable men” claimed they spotted a “monster serpent,” 100 feet long and 18 inches in diameter,  flying through the air and swooping down near Wilbur’s Store, at the corner of Independence Park.

                  An aerial view of the Eden and Huntsville area from Mount Ogden.

They estimated it was moving at 36-40 mph and soon disappeared over the mountains in the direction of Middle Fork Canyon – apparently never to be spotted again.
A serpent in Biblically named Eden, just this side of Paradise (north side in Cache County). Who knew?

- Flying creature shocks trainmen: The mother of a son who worked for Union Pacific told this chilling tale --
 In about 2005, the son and another U.P. engineer were railroading their usual route from Ogden to Elko, Nev.
Both men claimed to have clearly spotted a flying creature zip in front of the train and speed away. It was clear and massive, kind of like a giant jellyfish.
Both men were shocked, never having seen anything like that in decades of driving trains.
This happened out by Lakeside, along the border of the west side of the Great Salt Lake.
They also claimed they spotted the same flying creature on their return trip to Ogden in the same area.
They said it was a living entity, not some drone or aircraft.

-Giant snake in the Oquirrh Mountains: The December 25, 1873 issue of the Deseret News contains the tale of a monster snake in the right-hand fork of Coon's Canyon, southwest of Salt Lake City. A man, Edward R. Walker, was felling timber on a high peak south of Black rock when a deer an by. Walker grabbed his rifle and decided to pursue. A mile later the sound of a shrill whistle and hiss interrupted his chase.
"He saw approaching him, at a very rapid rate, a serpent, which he judged was between thirty and forty feet long, and about 10 inches through the body. The reptile's head was raised fully six feet from the ground and his jaws were open fifteen or eighteen inches wide, with fangs growing from both upper and lower jaw," Walker's report stated.

                             The north end of the Oquirrh Mountains.

The snake chased him and soon Walker stumbled and felt the weight of the monster's body gliding over his body. Then, the snake seemed to become frightened and slid off at a tremendous rate towards the ridge of the mountain. Walker said the snake was yellow in color and covered with scales. He said he would never set foot in that canyon again, despite having had years of experience in the mountains.

-'Gorilla' Man attacks woman and S.L. Street" was a Dec. 18, 1931 headline in the Salt Lake Telegram newspaper. This beast ripped the woman's clothes off after violently hurling her to the ground. The woman said the man was frothing at the mouth, mumbling insanely, had an iron grip and was walking in an ape-like manner with shaggy hair. The attack took place at State Street and Downington Avenue. Police believe this same man molested a dozen small girls on the City's west side previously, but were unable to locate him. No more "sightings" of him were ever reported.

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