Monday, July 10, 2017

When Kaysville, Utah almost became Freedom, Utah

ANOTHER "What If?" ...
Kaysville, Utah was named for William Kay, first LDS Church Bishop and pioneer settler in the area. However, the town was almost given a totally different name.
The Kaysville Ward was organized in January of 1851 by President Brigham Young, with Kay as bishop. The town was then known as “Kay’s Settlement.”
However, when Bishop Kay left the area there was a desire by some settlers there to change the community’s name to “Freedom.”
That proposal was taken to President Young, who bluntly asked, “When did Kay’s Ward get its freedom?” The idea was turned down and Pres. Young suggest the Kaysville name instead.

(-From the Salt Lake Tribune, May 28, 1916; Also in “Utah Place Names,”: by John W. Van Cott.)


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