Friday, July 12, 2013

In the days when its was BYU vs. BYC

By Lynn Arave

IT hasn't always been BYU vs. Utah State.
In the early 20th Century that equation and rivalry equaled BYU vs. BYC.
From 1873-1910, the college in Logan was Brigham Young College ("BYC"), while in Provo it was Brigham Young Academy ("BYA") until the name changed to Brigham Young University in 1903.
So, in 1905, for example, the state's basketball championship was BYU vs BYC.
That sort of rivalry continued until 1910 when BYC became a junior college.
The LDS Church didn't give away BYC in Logan until 1926. That's when it became the Agricultural College (and later Utah State University).

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