Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lagoon's Pioneer Village may Be History one day?

PIONEER Village has been a mainstay at Lagoon since 1976.
It is full of rare historical treasures that can't be duplicated, or copied.
Pioneer Village is all about the past and one day it will likely be just that, a vanished thing of the past.
The Village is also Lagoon Park's most costly maintenance nightmare. Plus, the rising generations do not seem to care about this historical treasure.
In fact, Pioneer Village resembles more of a ghost town these days, because of a lack of patrons.
There used to be fabulous old west gun battle shows in the Village and now they are long since gone, due to a lack of interest.
The only thing Pioneer Village is good for to most Lagoon goers these days is to be a travel path to the Log Flume and Rattlesnake Rapids rides.
Once the oldest of Lagoon's owners, Peter Freed, is gone, I would bet that's when Pioneer Village will be in serious danger of being closed, sold and moved away.
(Peter Freed turned 92 in 2013.)
The rest of the Freed family doesn't share Peter's fascination with history and the Village, according to inside sources.
So, enjoy Pioneer Village while you can...
My prediction is it will be closed and gone in less than 10 years ...
Pioneer Village was relocated from Salt Lake County in the mid-1970s. I don't see it being purchased by This is the Place Park in S.L.. Hopefully the LDS Church might see some interest in it.

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