Monday, October 12, 2015

1916: When a monument/arch was proposed for the mouth of Ogden Canyon

BACK a century ago, a monument, even an arch was proposed for the mouth of Ogden Canyon, as a tribute to the Pioneers.
The Ogden Standard-Examiner of Sept. 7, 1916 explored the possibility.
The idea was to have an inscribed arch at the  canyon's mouth, complete with a surrounding park. This was a desire to have somewhat similar to Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.
Of course the Ogden Canyon arch never happened, but Washington Boulevard did eventually gain an arch/sign  at about 19th Street, where the Ogden River crosses under the highway.
Today, a water pipeline crosses and dangles across the mouth of Ogden Canyon -- and that aging pipe is being replaced in the fall of 2015.
There is a plaque on the Rainbow Gardens property, near the mouth of the Canyon, commemorating the old toll road in Ogden Canyon but that's it.

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