Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Logan Canyon tree outdates civilization

By Lynn Arave

"UTAH tree 3000 years old. Logan Canyon tree outdates civilization" was a July 24, 1924 headline in the Salt Lake Telegram Newspaper.
The newspaper account stated: "A gnarled old tree, seen doubtless hundreds of times by cattle and sheepherders, but given no particular attention, as it was not on a direct trail nor within sight of the main road, has sprung into fame of late and is hailed as a great discovery."
The story reported that a botanist, Maurice Linford, then a student at Utah Agricultural College (today's Utah State University), discovered it in about 1923 and recognized it as being around 3,000 years old.

"Queen Juniper" was what many called the old tree initially, though over the decades "Jardine Juniper" is the name that took hold.
In the first couple of years after its discovery, Boy Scout Troops and nature students -- hundreds in total number -- visited the remarkable tree in the summer months.
The tree sits as an old queen overlooking Logan Canyon, some 1,700 feet up, like some ancient sentinel that dates back to perhaps 2200 BC., the "Bronze Are."

-Today, a 5.2 miles, one-way trail, leads to the Jardine Juniper. Just park at the end of a road on the Wood Camp Campground turnoff in Logan Canyon , about 10 miles up the canyon.

                        Early portion of the trail to the Jardine Juniper.

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