Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back when the road to Huntsville went through a duck pond

                     Pineview Dam dominates the west side of Ogden Valley today.

BACK in 1885, access to Huntsville, Utah, in Ogden Valley was a real nightmare.
According to the Ogden Standard-Examiner of July 21, 1885, "The approach to Huntsville is through a duck pond, three or four feet deep, which is a terror to pedestrians, and it should be looked after."
The story reported that the road in Ogden Canyon was suitable, but once a traveler emerges into Ogden Valley and heads toward Eden, there are also two very bad places in the road, besides the duck pond. One is caused by a stream that creates "a very bad mud hole" and the other by a risky bridge across the North Fork of the Ogden River, "which will, if not fixed, cause a serious accident."

(Above photograph by Whitney Arave.)

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